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Blackbee Healthcare Bond 2

Minimum Investment€25,000
Investment Term5 years
Return5% fixed return p.a. or 25% paid at maturity
Tracking IndexSecured by shares in the Blackbee Healthcare Fund
CounterpartyCity Quarter Capital 2 Plc is the issuer
Tax TreatmentCGT and income tax (where applicable)
Closing date24th April 2020

This investment is suitable for Individuals, Pensions, Corporates & Trusts.

Blackbee Healthcare Fund

Minimum Investment€100,000
Investment Term7 years
Projected IRR11%
Fund Structure/Tracking Index7 year closed-ended Qualifying Investor Fund which will invest primarily in residential care facilities in the Irish long-term care sector. The fund will seek to achieve its investment objective through core strategies of acquisition, development and operational excellence, with c.1,600 residential care beds under management by 2026.
Tax TreatmentCGT and income tax (where applicable)
Closing date16th June 2020
Risk Rating6
LeverageMax 65%

This opportunity has now closed

BCP Deposit Outperformance Bond 21

Minimum Investment€30,000
Max Term6 years
Return100% capital protected amount plus 50% participation in the performance of the portfolio
Tracking IndexUnderlying portfolio is comprised of 2 leading leading, globally diversified investment strategies:
PIMCO GIS-Income Fund &
Euro 70 Low Volatility Index (equity index)
Defensive Feature100% capital protection at Final Maturity Date
CounterpartyInvestec Bank is the guarantor
Tax treatmentCGT and income tax (where applicable)
Closing date19th March 2020
Risk Rating3

Available to Personal, Pension, ARF, AMRF, PRB, PRSA, SSAP, Friends First SDIO, Charity, Religious Order and Corporate Investors

This opportunity has now closed

BCP Income Bond 3

Minimum Investment€30,000
Max Term7 years
Return3.15% fixed income paid out p.a. (22.05% over 7 year term)
Tracking IndexEuronext CDP Environment World EW Decrement 5% Index.
The index is comprised of 20 North American and 20 European companies with the highest environmental ratings
Defensive FeatureCapital is fully protected unless underlying index is over 40% below its initial level at Final Maturity Date, where you will lose the same % by which the index has fallen. Annual income paid to investors regardless of underlying index performance.
CounterpartyGoldman Sachs is the guarantor
Tax treatmentCGT and income tax (where applicable)
Closing date16th March 2020
Risk Rating3

Blackwater Retail Park- Property Investment Opportunity

Cantor Fitzgerald is seeking to raise up to €21.5m to fund the acquisition of Blackwater Retail Park.

Purchase Price:€21.5m
Term/Exit Mechanism:5 Years/Property Sale
Forecast Annual Distribution:6%
Anticipated Structure:Qualifying Investor
Alternative Investment Fund (QIAIF)
TenantWoodies (69%) and range of retailers
Lease period remaining10 years
Minimum Investment:€100,000
Closing Date:To be confirmed

This opportunity has now closed


This opportunity has now closed

ProductsGlobal 85% Progressive Protection BondE-Commerce Kick Out Bond
Minimum Investment€10,000€10,000
Max termOpen-ended, No fixed investment term.5 years (9 potential opportunities to redeem every 6 months, from year 1 to Final Valuation Date)
ReturnNo cap on potential returnsPotential gross return of 10% per annum (50% maximum return over the 5 year term).
Tracking IndexReturns are linked to the Fundsmith Global Equity and PIMCO Global Investment Grade Credit Bond Funds. Dual asset active management strategy aims to generate stable returns in a wide range of market conditions.Returns are linked to the performance of 4 leading e-commerce stocks: Amazon, PayPal Holdings, FedEx Corp and Smurfit Kappa
Defensive Feature85% capital protection.


In addition, there is a continuous upward only capital protection feature, which ensures a minimum repayment of 85% of the highest Net Asset Value (NAV) ever achieved.

90% Kick Out, so the 4 Stocks share prices can reduce by up to 10% at any semi-annual valuation date after year 1. After the first year and every 6 months thereafter, should each of the 4 Stocks be equal to or above the 90% Kick Out Levels then the Bond will be redeemed at that point in time. Each investor will then be repaid 100% of their initial capital plus a fixed Coupon Payment, and the product will terminate early.
This bond also has an additional 60% Kick Out feature at the end of year 2 which allows the product to pay out a 20% return provided that none of the 4 stocks closing share prices fell by more than 40% from their Initial Valuation Levels
CounterpartySociété Générale is the guarantorSociété Générale is the guarantor
Tax TreatmentCGT (where applicable)CGT (where applicable)
Closing Date30th April 202024th March 2020
Risk Rating/Risk Factors26
If after 5 years at the Final Valuation Date the bond has not Kicked Out and any of the 4 stocks are more than 50% below the Initial Price Level, investors’ capital will be reduced by the full amount of the negative performance of the least performing stock over the 5 year term