Do you have a site, planning permission or are you thinking of adding an extension?

Self Build

Building your own home or starting a renovation can be exciting and daunting at the same time. We’re here to help to ensure you’re armed with the right information tohelp you make the right decisions. Having us on side is the smart way to go and having this site as a handy reference tool will keep you streets ahead. We understand the benefits and pit-falls that come with self-build projects and will use this expertise to guide you through the process.

Are you building your first home, your dream home, your last home or just making some changes to suit your lifestyle? At Seaspray we can help take you through the end to end process and reduce the stress. Building or renovating can be a challenge even for the most experienced developer let alone the 1st time builder.

The team at Seaspray will work with you and your team of builders, architects, engineers or agents to see your dreams come true.Unlike buying an existing property, building or renovating will mean that your financial institution will require a different set of documentation and supporting material to approve your loan. We are on hand to ensure the right documentation is prepared the right way, saving you time, money and hassle in the process.

What information will I need to provide the bank?
If you are building, on top of the normal financial information required to support your loan application you will also need;
  • OSI map (Ordinance Survey Ireland)
  • Plans & Drawings
  • Project costings completed by your engineer/architect
  • Progress payment schedule
  • Final Grant of Planning permission
  • Building insurance: cover during course of construction
What if I am just renovating my home?
Renovating can be a challenge at the best of time, having to get quotes or being worried about running over budget. Some banking institutions may require different information depending on how complex your renovations are;
  • Project Costings completed by your engineer/architect
  • Planning permission – if required
  • Total on completion valuation & final valuation was the project is completedSea