Refinance or Switch to meet your goals


Buying a new property while selling your existing home can be a stressful time. To help you, we can
ease the worry of getting a new mortgage while you can devote your time to making the big move!
If you are moving or trading up, that’s often a great opportunity to review your current deal, as lenders can
offer competitive mortgages for movers. If you are moving home, you may be able to take your existing
mortgage with you to the new property, or you can get a new one. Getting a moving home mortgage could
give you a better deal, but if you are leaving your old mortgage before its expiry, you might have to pay
penalties. This will all depend on your own personal financial situation. A chat with one of our brokers will
help you decide.

With any residential mortgage, the home must be used as a residence by the borrowers, not rented
out to tenants or used for commercial purposes. Mortgage providers will offer fixed or variable rates
of interest and we can advise depending on your personal circumstances. There are important
considerations around budgeting for a cash deposit which all banks will require and these need to
be factored into any property purchase decision. Again, we are here to help you plan for that.