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Garda members, HSE staff, Prison officers, Nurses, Firefighters and Teachers are among those Public Sector workers who are eligible to apply for specially designed public sector mortgages. These are available with certain lenders and offer important features and benefits that could have a significant bearing on your application.

  • Competitive mortgage rates                                     
  • Streamlined Mortgage Application Process for Public Sector Employees.   
  • Basic pay taken as two points up in the pay scale
  • Overpay an additional 20% off your mortgage in any 12 month period without penalty
  • Overtime & Allowances Accepted
  • Mortgage Breaks Throughout the Term
  • In the case of probation periods this will include existing public sector employees promoted or transferred on 12 months’   probation.
  • The maximum age at mortgage expiry has increased up to 70 and no proof of pension is required

Understanding your financial position and matching your ambitions and abilities is a critical phase in ensuring you have the right strategy and structure for your dream home. With such an emotional purchase, getting the best possible advice and marrying that with the best possible research is the key.

We have access to the most competitive market rates via our panel of mortgage lenders but our focus in the transaction will be on you and your home and securing the right deal for you!