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Finance Ireland – Long term fixed rate reductions & €1,500 professional fees contribution

Finance Ireland – Long term fixed rate reductions & €1,500 professional fees contribution

December 2nd, 2021.

As you will be aware, media coverage over recent months has regularly referenced global inflationary pressures, leading to conversations around eurozone base rates and the likelihood of future mortgage rate increases. Against this backdrop, our innovative long term fixed rates may provide an ideal solution for customers looking for certainty around their mortgage payments into the future.


Further enhancing our long term fixed rate offering, we are delighted to announce:


  1. Rate reductions to our 10, 15 and 20 year fixed rates
  2. The launch of a new 25 year fixed rate; and
  3. The introduction of a limited offer €1,500 professional fees contribution for new customers switching to a long term fixed rate

1. Long Term Fixed Rate Reductions

Effective next Monday, 6th December, our long term fixed rates will change as follows:


10 Year Fixed Rates

15 Year Fixed Rates

LTV Rate New Rate Change
50% or less 2.50% 2.40% – 10 bps
60% or less 2.50% 2.40% – 10 bps
70% or less 2.65% 2.55% – 10 bps
80% or less 2.80% 2.65% – 15 bps
90% or less 2.95% 2.85% – 10 bps

20 Year Fixed Rates

LTV Rate New Rate Change
50% or less 2.60% 2.50% – 10 bps
60% or less 2.60% 2.50% – 10 bps
70% or less 2.75% 2.65% – 10 bps
80% or less 2.90% 2.75% – 15 bps
90% or less 2.99% 2.95% – 4 bps

2. Launch of New 25 Year Fixed Rate Term

25 Year Fixed Rates

LTV Rate
50% or less 2.65%
60% or less 2.65%
70% or less 2.80%
80% or less 2.90%
90% or less 2.99%

3. €1,500 Professional Fees Contribution

Customers switching their mortgage from another lender to a Finance Ireland long term fixed rate can avail of a €1,500 contribution towards their professional fees. This contribution will be payable post-completion on new full applications received between 4th January and 31st March 2022.


  • Applies to straight-switcher cases only – no additional borrowings.
  • Applies to customers seeking a 10, 15, 20 or 25 year fixed rate only – 3 and 5 year fixed rates are excluded.
  • Applies to new business only – existing pipeline is excluded.  Full application must be submitted between 4th January and 31st March 2022 and complete within the validity period of the first offer letter issued.
  • PDH loans only – buy-to-let cases are excluded.


Straight-switcher customers looking for long-term certainty can now make the switch to Finance Ireland and receive a significant contribution to their fees, leaving them to enjoy the benefits of the most innovative long-term fixed rates available on the market today.

Pipeline Treatment – Fixed Rate Reductions

Drawdowns between now and Monday 6th December will fund on existing rates. For pipeline customers who will not have funded by this date and who want the reduced rates, the following will apply at each stage of the process:


  • If case is at AIP stage @ 6th December – Simply re-run the case at AIP and select the applicable rate.


  • If case is FMA to pre-offer stage @ 6th December – We will apply the new reduced rate to your customer’s application when promoted to loan offer stage. You do not need to take any action.


  • If case is at Offer Stage @ 6th December – Please note that a revised letter of offer will be required to avail of the new rates, otherwise the case will complete on its current rate. If a revised offer letter is needed, please advise your BDM and email the case reference number to the team at our post-offer mailbox – – who will issue your new offer promptly.


Please note that flexibility will be applied for customers requiring new documentation as a result of this change as we approach Christmas cut-off dates.


A full rate matrix and updated product brochure will be circulated next Monday 6th December. We are delighted to further enhance what we believe to be one of the most significant product innovations in the Irish mortgage market, offering a level of certainty and flexibility not before available to Irish consumers.

Whether you are a first time buyer, moving home, looking to switch lender , investing in a buy-to-let property or should you have any questions on the issues raised in this article, why not chat to a Seaspray mortgage adviser today about finding the mortgage that’s right for you:

tel.+353 1 7070 000     or email


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